Help us and the animals

You find our projects necessary and want to support us and especially the animals? There are many ways to help us.

We finance our projects from our own savings and are dependent on financial support. No matter how large or small the amount you can donate, we look forward to any help. The money flows into material costs, grants, medical costs of animals, homepage financing, advertising material of campaigns etc.

You can either pay directly into our account or make a Paypal transfer.


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Since we are not an official association yet, you cannot deduct your donation from taxes.

If you do not want to harm animals any more, you should urgently stop consuming animal products so that you do not contribute to the financing of this cruel industry. Click >here< to learn more about the different industries.

Why is it not enough to eat a plant-based diet?

Imagine walking down a street. You see someone beating a pig. Now you have 3 options;

1. You join and help the person to harm the pig

You behave like someone who consumes animal products. You are directly involved in the suffering.

 2. You perceive the injustice, but you pass by without saying a word.

You behave like someone who abstains from the consumption of animal products. You are no longer responsible for the suffering, but you do nothing to make it stop.

3. You stand protectively between the pig and the perpetrator.

You behave like an activist, you are not responsible for causing suffering and you actively do something to stop it.

There are enormously many forms of activism and many different ones are necessary. No matter if you like to stand with signs on the street, inform people about the suffering, hand out flyers, are good in social media, have computer skills or you can translate texts; there are possibilities for every personality and ability to work for a better world. Contact us without hesitation, so that we can help you get started in activism.