Swiss meat 

The non-existent difference

"Swiss agriculture is an animal welfare pioneer. Swiss animal production continues to be exemplary. This applies to husbandry conditions as well as to the use of antibiotics and especially to the controls of legal requirements. Only those who constantly improve will remain good. Swiss agriculture is also guided by this saying." 


This statement comes from the Swiss Farmers' Association1 and this belief is still recognized nationally and internationally today; animals in Switzerland live happily and under dignified conditions. But what does animal agriculture in Switzerland really look like??

In our first campaign "Swiss meat -the non-existent difference", we are exposing animal agriculture and the exploitation of animals in general in the Heidiland Switzerland from a variety of angles. We do not show individual cases of cruelty to animals, but rather the most diverse farms, from large farms, free-range farming to small farms with organic labels to show that all the creatures we degrade to "farm animals" suffer.

Your purchase is a ballot. Do you vote for pain and exploitation or for justice?

Click on the respective picture to see the investigation video and find more information about the animal of the month.


Click on the respective image to see the documentation video and find more information about the animal of the month.


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