A life without animal suffering

You don't want animals to suffer for you? Then you should urgently avoid the following products and industries. Whether for food, our entertainment or clothing and cosmetics, animals are here with us and not for us.


Did you know that...

  • cows can live up to 25 years?

  • dairy cows have to give birth to a calf every year to produce milk?

  • dairy cows are so exhausted after 4-7 years that they are slaughtered?

  • the male calves are the "waste products" of the dairy industry and end up as veal or beef because they cannot produce milk?

  • you are co-financing the meat industry with every sip of milk or piece of cheese?


Did you know that...

  • fish contain many toxins, such as mercury?

  • 40% of the beings caught are bycatch like seals or whales?

  • when fishing with a rod, the hook is drilled through the fish's mouth/throat without anaesthetic?

  • The number of fish killed is so huge that it is expressed in tons and not in "pieces"? (about thousands of billions per year)




Did you know that...

  • in Switzerland, 2 million male chicks a year are gassed as soon as they hatch? Even for organic eggs.

  • after 18 months at the latest, the laying hens are so exhausted that they are slaughtered? Also for organic eggs.

  • most eggs in processed products come from caged hens?



Did you know that...

  • for 500 grams of honey a bee has to travel 120,000 kilometers? That's three times around the world.

  • bees get substitute food, but it makes them more susceptible to disease?

  • many bees die in the production of honey? Some of their wings are torn off or they drown in the honey or the substitute food.





Did you know that...

  • 123,156 tons of poultry meat were eaten in Switzerland in 2018?

  • two animals are killed every second in Switzerland? That's 10 animals since this sentence began.

  • for one kilogram of meat, at least seven kilograms of feed are used?






Did you know that...

  • zoos pretend to keep the animals due to species conservation, even though 85% of zoo animals are not threatened with extinction?

  • "surplus" zoo animals are sold to animal dealers or simply killed?

  • zoos cannot offer species-appropriate conditions? An elephant, for example, walks up to 80km per day in freedom, which is not possible in a zoo.

  • zoos often resort to incest? In many cases this leads to serious genetic defects.



Did you know that...

  • circus animals often receive medication to help them endure the miserable conditions in which they are kept?

  • many circus animals die prematurely because the conditions in the circus do not correspond to their nature at all?

  • the animals are made compliant by force and the use of instruments such as whips, stun guns and clubs?

  • the animals show in most cases behavioural disorders due to the constant transport to other cities and the small cages they live in?


cow bangladesh.jpg


Did you know that...

  • 99% of the leather comes from abroad?

  • leather can also come from dogs or cats, since most of the leather comes from China and there is no national animal welfare law?

  • many substances that are harmful to health and the environment such as chromium salts, pentachlorophenols, sulphides and acids are used in leather tanning?






Animal Testing
Cosmetics & Medicine

Did you know that...

  • in 2018 animal experiments were carried out in Switzerland on 586,643 animals?

  • animals are made sick, deaf, blind etc. in laboratories and are suffocated, for example during tobacco tests?

  • 92 - 95% of the active ingredients that work on animals never reach the market because they cannot be transferred to humans?



Did you know that...

  • most fur comes from China? There's no animal welfare law there.

  • fur is often mislabelled? So it can be labeled fake fur, but it's real fur.

  • the animals are often skinned alive, killed anally with stun guns or gassed?

  • 85% of the animals, which are killed because of their fur, have to vegetate in small cages on fur farms without any occupation?

  • most of the animals are much too big, produce too much fur due to overbreeding and are fattened to even produce more fur?





Did you know that...

  • there's hardly any Swiss wool left?  For 3 kilograms a sheep farmer gets only 3-4 francs. That's why it's usually thrown away.

  • that human have bred away the natural change of coat from sheep?

  • sheep therefore produce far too much wool and can therefore die from heatstrokes?

  • sheep when they no longer supply enough wool are loaded onto ships in their thousands and are often slaughtered without anaesthesia in the Middle East?

  • shearing often causes deep wounds?

  • the rabbits (angora) and the goats (cashmere) are "brushed out" of their wool alive?


"Iti s absurd, that we eat pigs and love dogs, and even don't know why." 

-Dr. Melanie Joy-

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