Our values

We are an abolitionist movement
We are against any exploitation of animals. Because as well larger cages and shorter transport routes lead to cruel and unnecessary death and a life in captivity. We fight for every animal to be free from harm and oppression.

Activism is not a hobby
Animal liberation is not a hobby; it is a movement for social justice. We set goals and clear standards, develop plans, are reliable and serious. Our actions and appearance reflect the seriousness and importance of our concern.

The real heroes and heroines are the animals
We are only the middle persons who draw attention to the suffering of the animals. We do not want to be called heroic for what we do. We understand that this is to show gratitude that something is being done. However, this behavior is not conducive, as it distracts from the victims and puts the activists on a pedestal, even though they are only concerned citizens who are fighting for more justice. This does not mean, therefore, that we cannot and should not praise each other or regard each other as inspiration. But the real heroes and heroines are the animals who go through this suffering and this is clearly in the foreground.

Violence cannot be fought with violence
We directly challenge oppression systems with the power of non-violence. We have empathy for the people who are trapped in systems of violence and try to show them why their behaviour is wrong. Even in difficult situations, we are staying peaceful.

We do not tolerate any form of violence
No racism, sexism or other forms of oppression are tolerated at our events or within our community.

Talking to each other instead of about each other
It is the responsibility of every single person to treat all people in our movement with respect. We do not gossip, we address individuals directly in case of disagreements and we do not publicly expose, shame or blame them.


If a person participating in our events should violate these values, please contact us at info@1individuum.ch so that we can take a closer look at the case and listen to everyone involved. We want to form a group in which everyone feels as comfortable as possible.