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What Coop and Migros are promising

Coop - Leading in animal welfare

For the fifth time in a row, Coop is ranked in the top group ("Tier 1") of the international animal welfare rating Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW). No other company in Switzerland has succeeded in doing so.1

Migros - We do everything for healthy poultry

We produce the Optigal chicken in Switzerland for Switzerland. And therefore close and fresh. Optigal chickens grow up according to BTS (especially animal-friendly enviroment): with an outside climate area, raised seating for resting, windows and bedding. First class meat is only available if the animal feels comfortable.2


What the research in 3 farms in 2 cantons  has revealed

Bell and Optigal are anything but animal-friendly:

The huge halls "house" vast numbers of animals. Stables with 12'000 chickens are the norm.
The animals are allowed to use the so-called winter garden from the 21st day. After about 33 days they are already killed, which means that the winter garden is not even used for 2 weeks. 

By the way, many animals are no longer able to move at all due to overbreeding. Bald spots and wounds pile up. All farms had many dead animals in freezers. In one of them the corpses were even uncooled in open plastic containers in the workroom.


List of references
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