Pig Farming -  Switzerland 

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Undercover video by activists

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What "Swiss meat" is promising

Pork from Switzerland is among the best in the world. This is because in this country breeders, fatteners and researchers work hand in hand and have created a unique breeding system. 

This unique breeding system ensures that Switzerland has what is probably the best pork in the world - because nowhere else is there such a focus on quality instead of quantity. Of course, this also has an impact on animal welfare. 1

What the research in 5 farms in 4 cantons  has revealed

Swiss meat is anything but animal-friendly!

We did undercover research in label and non-label farms, and everywhere we found injured, dying and dirty animals.

Pigs, lie in their own faeces, up to 2000 animals can be kept in a single barn, newborns die often next to their mothers, and for many animals the first contact with the outside world is transport to the slaughterhouse. 

Undercover Recherche from 1Individuum 

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