Turkeys - Free-range production

With a market share of almost 90 percent of the production of turkey meat from Switzerland, frifag märwil ag is the market leader. It goes without saying that no compromises are made in the species-appropriate breeding of turkeys. The animals grow up according to the strict guidelines of the "RAUS" (regular outdoor exercise) animal husbandry concept.

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What Frifag AG is promising

BTS as standard

Frifag märwil AG attaches great importance to poultry farming that is particularly animal and environmentally friendly. With the advanced animal husbandry concept "BTS" (particularly animal-friendly housing systems), all the fattening farms involved meet the high animal welfare requirements for rearing fattening poultry to the highest degree.

Free-range «RAUS» for turkeys

In the "RAUS" free-range system, the turkeys grow up in an environment appropriate to their species. During the day they can move freely on a large natural meadow and live out their natural behaviour. As outdoor pasture, they have twice the space available to them in the stable. In the evening and at night the animals are housed in stables. The farms on which the turkeys live are managed according to ÖLN guidelines. 1


Undercover video by activists

What the research has revealed

BTS als Standard

The images shown in the video are not isolated cases; injured, dirty, plucked, run over and dead animals were found in every farm without exception. Like disposable goods, these sensitive animals, who do not survive these conditions, are disposed of in freezers. A total of 4 farms in 3 cantons were documented. This is only a preview video. The complete video will be published at the end of the month.


Free-range «RAUS» for turkeys 

Up to now, one farm has been checked several times a day. We could not see a single animal in the so-called open-air enclosure. We cannot rule out that the animals were outside at any time of the day, but if the weather is good, they should have access to the pasture all day, which is definitely not the case.


The SRF Rundschau reported on a Frifag turkey stable in the canton of Aargau


These are some of the unreleased recordings - The whole truth

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